‘Turkey is much more ready to join the European Union than the ten countries that are being admitted right now’

Interview with Mr. Eraslan Özkaya, the President of the Yargitay, the Turkish Supreme Court

Lately, Turkey has been extensively covered in the media. Not only is the country a highly disputedcandidate in the current accession process, but the recent terrorist bombings draw the world’s attention as well. Experts claim that these attacks could bring admission to the EuropeanUnion significantly closer, as the incidents have an integrating effect on the parties involved. In this interview Mr. Eraslan Özkaya, the President of the Turkish Supreme Court, clarifies the Turkish opinion on the developments in the European accession process and comments on the terrorist attacks.

Verschijningsvorm: Maandbladartikel (download pdf)

Auteur(s): F. Brouwer, E.M. Witjens

Verschijning: januari 2004

Archiefcode: AA20040033

terrorisme toetreding Turkije

Metajuridica Rechtsvergelijking

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