Legal academic training requires teaching law from a comparative perspective

In this paper, we will present and explain our opinion that teaching law in a comparative way, as
part of the transnational orientation of law students, is a prerequisite for university legal education
being qualified as academic. When supporting the teaching of law comparatively, our perspective
is neither the preparation of students for an alleged forthcoming unified or harmonised
European law, nor the reform of the present law faculties into European law schools, which would
then become the cradle of a new type of European lawyers trained to work in all European countries.
1 Our perspective is the improvement of the academic quality of university legal education.
We think that, among other things, teaching law in a comparative way is an indispensable contribution
to such an improvement. In the illustrations of our point of view, we concentrate on private

Verschijningsvorm: Maandbladartikel (download pdf)

Auteur(s): C.E.C. Jansen, J.B.M. Vranken

Verschijning: November 2002

Archiefcode: AA20020854

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