Law and uncertainty

VSR conference

Datum en tijd:
16 januari 2020 (10:30 - 19:00 uur) tot 17 januari 2020 (09:00 - 13:30 uur)

16 januari 2020 tot 17 januari 2020

Radboud University

The annual meeting of the VSR, the association for the social scientific study of law, takes place on January 16 and 17 2020 in Nijmegen. The conference theme is: Law and uncertainty. The (preliminary) program contains a varied range of presentations from both PhD students and experienced researchers. The conference starts with a keynote from Benjamin van Rooij (professor Law and Society, UvA) entitled: "Sociological Gobbledigook", The Unbearable Uncertainty of Socio-Legal Research and the Difficult Relationship between Law and Social Science.

At the VSR conference we aim to examine the question how law is used to deal with social uncertainties and what this means for the legitimacy, effectiveness, and social meaning of law. Uncertainties within law will also be discussed, for example the question what such uncertainties mean for citizens, businesses, and the legitimacy, effectiveness, and social meaning of law.

This conference is the opportunity to become acquainted with Dutch and Flemish socio-legal research, to make contacts with socio-legal researchers and to meet old acquaintances. The plenary sessions are in English. There are both English and Dutch panel sessions. There is an English-language choice at any time. Members of the VSR receive a discount on registration fees.


  • 16 and 17 January incl. dinner: € 130 (VSR members € 110)
  • 16 and 17 January excl. dinner: € 75 (VSR members € 65)
  • 16 January incl. dinner: € 100 (VSR members € 85)
  • 16 January excl. dinner: € 55 (VSR members € 45)
  • 17 January: € 55 (VSR members € 45)

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