Seminar on The Social Dimension of the Rule of Law with Jeff King

Datum en tijd:
14 februari 2020 13:00 - 18:00 uur

Erasmus School of Law

Campus Woudestein, Polak building, 2-07

Burgemeester Oudlaan 50

3062 PA Rotterdam

What is the social importance of the rule of law? The rule of law is generally regarded as a central legal and political ideal. Although most theorists acknowledge that it has important social impact as well, few treat this question as central. In this seminar, professor Jeff King (University College London) will present his ideas on the social dimension of the rule of law, applying the rule of law to private arbitrary powers. He argues that his regulatory conception of the rule of law would not so much enable but would all  but require the mutual coexistence of the rule of law and the welfare state in contemporary market economies. After his keynote, Nathalie Schnabl (Open University) and Sanne Taekema (Erasmus School of Law) will present papers on the rule of law and social rights, and an interactional theory of procedural rule of law, respectively.

Professor Jeff King is Professor of Law at University College London, and works in public law broad ly conceived. He conducts research in comparative constitutional and administrative law, social rights, international law, legal and political theory and socio-legal studies. His keynote is part of a book project on the social dimension of the rule of law.

The seminar is organized by Ronald Janse (Open University) and Sanne Taekema (Erasmus School of Law) in the context of their research groups in legal theory, constitutional law and European law at the OU and Integrating Normative and Functional Approaches to the Rule Law at ESL.

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