Law and Artificial Intelligence, Not a World Apart

UU Symposium

Datum en tijd:
18 mei 2022 10:00 - 17:00 uur

Universiteit Utrecht

Academiegebouw, Belle van Zuylen room

Domplein 29


On 18 May, Special Interest Group AI, Ethics and Law will host a symposium examining the role of Artificial Intelligence in legal decision-making from legal and technical perspectives.

Driven by the spectacular progress in AI in recent years, especially in machine learning and natural-language processing, there has been increasing attention for the question how artificial intelligence (AI) can support judicial decision-making. In this symposium the possibility of such support will be discussed form both a legal and a technical perspective. There will be two key note speakers: Giovanni Sartor (University of Bologna and European University Institute Florence) and Manuella van der Put (judge in the district court of 's Hertogenbosch). The symposium will end with a panel discussion and a poster session.

Call for Posters

We invite English-language poster presentations on the topic of the symposium. A poster presentation consists of a physical poster plus a 'pitch' of a few minutes in a plenary session. (There will be no proceedings of the posters). Proposals for poster presentations must be submitted to Cristiana Santos at by 30 April, consisting of a title and an abstract of maximally 200 words.

Registration: Register by sending an email to with your name, email address, UU department and status before 30 April. Do also let us know whether you want to be added to the AI, Ethics & Law mailing list.Additional information: