Enhanced Exchange of Information in Financial Investigations

Symposium organized by the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, University of Groningen

Datum en tijd:
17 november 2021 16:00 - 18:00 uur

Forum Groningen

Rabo Studio

Nieuwe Markt 1


Financial transgressions and irregularities are becoming increasingly international in nature, due to improving technologies in connectivity, and facilitated by the global financial system. At the same time, government authorities face many difficulties and delays in investigating financial and tax crimes and irregularities. In order to keep up with developments, governments have devised advanced methods of investigations. Among these methods, exchange of information is key.

Arguably one of the most advanced methods is the one that is used in FCInet, which is based on the idea that collections of data on persons are encrypted in filters, and sent from one network participant to another. Information is only revealed if it concerns a person already known to the recipient. This match then provides a basis for further cooperation. This mode of information exchange raises many legal questions: how can this form of information exchange best be classified? Which legal bases in international and national law support this form of cooperation? To what extent is this exchange of information covered by data protection rules, and what do these entail? A research project of the University of Groningen attempted to find answers to these questions. The main findings are presented and discussed in public in this symposium.

Cost: Free of charge
Registration: you can register for this symposium by sending an email to mr. Marlo Post at m.post@rug.nl. Please indicate whether you would like to join onsite or online.
Additional information: https://www.rug.nl/rechten/congressen/archief/2021/enhanced-exchange-of-information-in-financial-investigations