ACTL-CPT Talks: In discussion with Isabella De Michelis (Founder and CEO of Ernieapp) “Must Facebook or Instagram pay their users”

The right to monetize data and it’s tax implications

Datum en tijd:
19 januari 2022 16:00 uur


During this webinar Isabella De Michelis (CEO and Founder of Ernieapp) will present her proposal to introduce a right to monetize users’ data in the digital space and will analyze the significant implications that such a new right could potentially have for the purposes of taxation.

De Michelis proposal is based on her co-authored paper titled “An Introduction to the Right to Monetize (RTM)”, where she argues that end-users should receive a fair compensation for the value and gains they contribute to generate for third parties. (must Facebook pay a royalty to their users?) To do so, she suggests introducing a new policy concept for the digital economy named the “Right to Monetize” (RTM), which could be built around the notion of property rights. De Michelis thinks that, by introducing such a new concept, we could have a fairer, inclusive and more prosperous Internet ecosystem.

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