Arbitration 2018

This collection of laws and regulations aims to bring together the most relevant national and international laws and regulations in the field of arbitration.
This edition includes the most recent arbitration rules. All texts are current as of July 2018. This edition has been extended to include a broad selection of international arbitration rules and aims to provide a basis for the comparative study of arbitration law. For the purpose of legal education in English, the present edition also includes English translations of the relevant Dutch laws and regulations.

The selection of the first edition of this book was made by the distinguished prof. dr. P. Sanders, who sadly passed away in 2012.

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Verschijningsvorm: Boek

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Auteur(s): K.J. Krzeminski, M.M.J. Vink (red.)

4e druk 2018

Verschijningsdatum: 05-09-2018

ISBN: 9789492766380

Pagina's: 578

arbitration rules mediation

Burgerlijk recht Arbitrage & Mediation

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