Rechtspraak Vreemdelingenrecht 1950-2021

Landmark Cases on Asylum and Immigration Law

De belangrijkste Engels- en Nederlandstalige uitspraken op het gebied van vreemdelingenrecht van 1950 tm 2021 speciaal geselecteerd en geannoteerd voor gebruik in het onderwijs en de rechtspraktijk.

Important decisions of recent years and decades in the area of asylum and immigration law have been compiled, with annotations from experts at Dutch universities. The principal aim of this publication is to serve as a tool for education at universities and colleges, as well as professional education for judges, legal practitioners, and government staff.

Most annotations are in English, while Dutch case law is followed by annotations in Dutch. New annotations have been written, thereby giving an overview of the latest developments and discussing the most important concepts of asylum and immigration law between 1950 and 2021 in a coherent and chronological manner.

The chapters in this edition are theme-based. The chapter on asylum includes decisions on substantive asylum law and procedural law, and the chapter on family reunification includes case-law addressing Article 8 ECHR, the EU Family Reunification Directive, and the broader protection of the unity of the family of Union citizens in the Citizenship Directive. The chapter on social rights (such as reception, social security and education) refers to all categories of migrants (including asylum seekers, Union citizens and long-term residents). The chapter ‘miscellaneous’, includes important judgments by the CJEU addressing the scope and requirements of effective judicial protection within the framework of the Citizens Directive and the Dublin Regulation, and a decision addressing the right of equal treatment irrespective of race or ethnic origin. Finally, it includes the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee dealing with the protection of climate refugees.


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