Global Borderlands: getting to the core of Crimmigration


16 september 2021 tot 18 september 2021


Crimmigration has rapidly become the dominant response to human mobility around the globe. It has emerged, ironically, in tandem with growing economic globalization. Forcapital, national borders have virtually disappeared, while the walls, virtual and literal,are growing higher for workers and others who need mobility to thrive, and even survive.Race, ethnicity, and personal wealth matter in who gains entry.

This conference will treat crimmigration and bordering holistically as systemsnested within economy and society in subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways. In so doing, theconference calls attention to the various 'faces' and expieriences of crimmigration andbordering across the globe as well as to a critical examination of the scholarship so far.

Early Bird Rates: Closes at Midnight (CEST) on July 1st
Regular attendees: €50,00
PhD/student attendee: €25,00

Standard Registration Rates: July 2nd 2021, closes Midnight (CEST) on 31 August 2021
Regular attendees: €75,00
PhD/student attendee: €50,00

Late registration – September 1st 2021 and closes midnight (CEST) 14 September 2021
Regular attendees: €100,00
PhD/student attendee: €75,00

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