Emerging Voices in EU Law Workshop

With regards to social justice issues, the European Union is facing a growing number of simultaneous challenges: high levels of poverty and social exclusion, the accelerating climate emergency, the increasing reliance on non-transparent new technologies for decision-making, as well as the persistence of race, gender and other forms of inequalities in post-colonial (or neo-colonial) contexts.

What is the role of EU law in enabling these concurrent ‘crises’, and what can it do to address them?

On November 18th 2021, as part of its annual conference, the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) is organizing a workshop offering a space to emerging non-tenured scholars to present and receive feedback on their work from some of the leading experts in EU law.

We invite contributions from scholars using critical approaches to EU law, and from scholars from academic institutions, European countries, and cultural backgrounds which tend to be not as well
represented at EU & global conferences. Submission topics might include EU trade and investment, social policy, discrimination or immigration law, environmental policies or any other aspects of EU law.

Faculty discussants include: Diamond Ashiagbor (Kent Law School), Mathias Möschel (CEU), Fernanda Nicola (American University) and Maria Weimer (UvA).

The workshop is organized and hosted by Ivana Isailovic (UvA).

If you are interested in joining, please submit a one page document including a 500 word abstract of your paper (a chapter of your thesis or an article) as well as a 500 word text about yourself and your work at acelg@uva.nl by September 30th. Please indicate in the subject line “Emerging voices annual ACELG workshop.”

Up to five participants will be selected and notified at the beginning of October, and they will be expected to send a 10 page draft by November 2nd.

Additional information: https://www.uva.nl/en/shared-content/subsites/amsterdam-centre-for-european-law-and-governance/en/events/lectures/2021/11/emerging-voices-in-eu-law-workshop.html?origin=NArgmNu3QEWEzrrBSvX7BQ, for more information please reach out to acelg@uva.nl