AIAS-HSI Seminar met Anke van der Hoeven

Datum en tijd:
24 november 2022 11:00 - 12:00 uur

Roeterseilandcampus and Online

Perceptions among intra EU truckdrivers regarding access to law: what role does it play in employers’ use of bogus constructions? Intra EU migrants, Truck drivers, Transportation, Bogus constructions, Access to law, Knowledge of workers’ rights.


Within the European Union employers in the north-western part regularly use workers from the central-eastern part. These workers are paid less than national workers, hence, they are cheap(er) labour. According to the media and (Dutch) trade unions this situation occurs regularly in the road haulage sector. (Dutch) transportation firms hire East European drivers in order to save labour costs using (il)legal constructions. However, empirical research that analyses the transportation sector addressing this issue is scarce. Moreover, studies that do involve the transportation sector do not relate stories told by truckers themselves. In this research the transportation sector was analyzed focusing on the views of workers. Qualitative in depth interviews were held with truckers stationed in the Netherlands during their weekend recess in order to learn more about their working conditions and the use of (il)legal constructions. This paper focusses on to what extent truckdrivers sought (legal) advice regarding work related problems such as (under)payment and non compliance with health and safety regulations. The results show that most truckdrivers never asked for any kind of (legal) assistance. The most prominent reason mentioned was the lack of any (urgent) need. Other impediments were an absence of trust in their homecountries’ legal system and/or union, no knowledge of rights, cultural barriers and fear.

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