A new common approach to manage cross-border digital evidence

LOCARD webinar

Datum en tijd:
23 februari 2021 16:00 - 17:15 uur


The webinar will discuss the current issues and challenges in the handling of digital forensic procedures and how the LOCARD project outcomes could solve some of these issues.

What are the burning issues for digital chain of custody? How can Law Enforcement Agencies transfer digital evidence between different European countries ensuring that the chain of custody remains true?

There will also be a platform demonstration and short summary of the LOCARD project.


  • Moderated by Steve Kemsley - Security Consultant at EEMA
  • Tobias Mattes - Superintendent at Bavarian Police
  • Fran Casino - Lead Researcher at Athena Research Center
  • Michael Dickinson - Chief Business Development Officer at MSAB

Additional information and registration: https://locard.eu/component/jem/event/17-a-new-common-approach-to-manage-cross-border-digital-evidence